Rise and shine – waking up early!

Most photographers have heard about the golden hour. That fantastic time of the day when the light is warm and inviting and make everything look beautiful. And depending on how close to or far away from the equator you are it will be shorter or longer.

For me, waking up before the birds does not come naturally. It is heavy, I am slow in the morning, and I generally prefer to sleep in. The bed feels soooo good! But I really love the morning light! It is golden, it provides inspiration and it gives fantastic pictures.

So what do I do? Set at least two alarms to go off! I have a phone and a tablet, and each of the has an alarm app. It feels a little like self-punishment for a few minutes, but after a quick shower, I am ready to face the world.

I recommend that you back time from the place you want to be when the sun comes up. There are several useful apps and websites that can tell you when the sun is rising in your area. Plan to be there at least 30 minutes before that time so you can catch the light also before sunrise.

Written By: Svein