Photographing at markets – feiras

In Brazilian Portuguese, feira means market - all kinds of it. The most common one being fresh produce, but you will also find art, antiques etc. And over the last few years, organic markets.

These markets are either set up in blocked off streets, city squares or parks. Just ask the locals what feiras they have and very important – what week-days.

Walking around these markets is an absolute joy. There are so many things to watch, smell and taste! A paradise for street photography.

The vegetables and fruits being sold there are fantastic. Locally produced cheeses, different types of street food and everyday household items, clothes, accessories as well as all kinds of art – you can always find a bargain. And every markets has something unique.

If you explain you are there to take pictures, most people will let you do that without any problems. And nowadays, with our digital cameras, it is easy to show the pictures to anyone.

Every Tuesday and Friday there is a market in one of the streets around Bosque dos Buritis (a park) in Goiania. The market has mainly food, but also a few other things are sold. While living there, I had a lot of time to walk around and get some pictures. If you want to join for a photo walk at a market, send me a contact message.

Written By: Svein