Photo walking in Itajubá

A photo walk is a great way to meet other people who enjoy taking pictures, and it is also a good way to get to know a particular area.

So I decided to host a walk as part of the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk 2014. Hosting a walk is a bit more work than just participating, but it is a great way to make sure it is being done!

Saturday came, and it was a beautiful day. Almost a little too beautiful! Unfortunately, the turn out was small – only three photographers showed up. As I want to continue doing this, I will need to figure out ways to attract more people. But let this be said – three great photographers!

The first part was a walk along the open air market along the river. This market is here every Saturday until lunch. The biggest challenge is that they use plastic covers over the stalls in very strong colors, and this gives strong color casts if the sun is shining through it. You can get rid of most of the cast if it is blue by using the white balance. But this will of course skew the colors of anything outside the stall. So you need to think about this as you compose your pictures.

The biggest challenge for me is to approach people and ask to take pictures. In that respect, I am a bit shy and need to learn how to do it. Both at this market and at the Central Market, which is a permanent market with a bigger variety. I will definitely be coming back here and maybe it will get easier if they see me around more often with the camera.

The second part at the Central Market was partly indoor, so the big challenge here was the low light. But I think we all got some good pictures at both places! Thank you Belmira, James and Daniel for participating!

Here are some of my pictures. I am still trying to figure out how to get mixed aspects – both horizontal and vertical pictures – in the same slide show. Will update here as soon as I know! In the mean time, please take a look at the pictures on my Flickr profile. You can find the pictures from all the Itajubá participants here on Flickr.

Written By: Svein